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Recovery at the cellular level - the natural way

NEO therapy is a new Danish treatment form that heals the body on a cellular level, using a natural energy source.

How NEO can help you:

NEO therapy can be used both as preventative treatment and as well as help with anything that’s out of balance. Below is a selection of what NEO can help with:

Reduce Inflammation

NEO works by healing the body on a cellular level, which lowers inflammation and helps expel inflammatory agents from the body.

Speed Up Recovery

NEO speeds up recovery from exercise by 25%, and speeds up recovery from injury with up to 33%.

Boost Energy

NEO boosts energy levels, improves sleep and digestion, and speeds up restitution, leading to an overall higher quality of life.

Lessen Chronic Pain

By reducing inflammation throughout the body and increasing relaxation on a cellular level, many clients notice a large decrease in chronic pain.

Improve Stress & Mood

NEO also works on the mental level, and has been shown to greatly improve mood, lessen stress, and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Lessen Chemo Side Effects

NEO works great in combination with chemo therapy and many clients have not suffered from the harsh side effects when using NEO in combination with chemo therapy.


What is NEO?

At the heart of the NEO concept is structured water; water that has been restored to its natural state. Since our bodies are 70% water, this water is able to communicate with our bodies on a cellular level and help return our bodies to its optimal state.

Developed by Danish engineers, the NEO machine is able to harness the power of structured water and transmit its healing properties, creating a frequency that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal and restore.

A NEO session is able to bring the body back to its natural state and rebalance the body’s energy levels. During a NEO session, a powerful energy field is created that is able to communicate with our body’s cells at a molecular level. This optimizes the cells’ energy levels, allowing them to return to their optimal healthy state. As such the body is able to start repairing itself as well as detox itself. Read more here.



We sell several naturally energy optimized products from AdditNature – all engineered and manufactured in Denmark. 

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