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Natural Energy Optimization

At the heart of the NEO concept is structured water; water that has been restored to its natural state. Since us humans are 70% water, this water is able to communicate with our bodies on a cellular level and help return our bodies to its optimal state.

Developed by Danish engineers, the NEO machine is able to harness the power of structured water and transmit its healing properties, creating a frequency that is able to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and restore.


The NEO Concept

A NEO session takes place in a room where structured water is spun to make a strong vortex, in a specially designed ceramic vessel. This creates a strong energy field, in which frequencies, charges, and a magnetic field are extracted from the water (just as we can feel charge from a thunderstorm).

Since our bodies are mostly made up of water molecules, our cells are able to use this energy field to recharge – much in the same way that our bodies are able to use energy from the sun to create vitamin-D.

The energy field has a positive restorative effect on our cells and the cells become de-stressed, relaxed, and regain their natural balance. Once balanced, our cells can work as intended and begin rebuilding the body and detoxing inflammation causing agents.

Fortunately, are bodies are always working hard to repair and heal – with NEO we create the right environment for your body to do this.

"The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself"

Barbara Brennan

The Basics of NEO

NEO boosts and accelerates the body's natural healing process.

The frequencies and energies emitted from NEO stimulate the body's cells to regain their natural state and allow them to work optimally.

NEO is the energy that water, in its natural form, contains.

Scientific studies show that water can absorb and store energy from its surroundings. NEO harvests and projects this energy into the NEO room.

NEO is an energy that can be absorbed by the cells in our body.

As the human body is made of up to 70% water, our cells can absorb and utilise the natural positive energy emitted by NEO.

NEO optimises the information flow between the body's cells.

We know from science that structured water can transfer information faster than unstructured water. Better cell communication = better health.

NEO destresses and relaxes stressed cells.

Stressed and energy depleted cells will absorb the positive and restorative energy and allow them to get back to their normal, healthy state.

NEO helps both at a physical and mental level.

The structured water in NEO is spun in two directions and at two speeds, generating different frequencies stimulating different parts of the body, ensuring the whole body will benefit.

See it to believe it

Sometimes the best way to understand something, is to visually see it. 

Click on the video here to see how structured water affects a blood sample. This perfectly illustrates how NEO is able to transform your body at a cellular level.  See video here

For another short video on structured water, watch this 5 minute video here: See video here

For more information on structured water, visit our page “Structured Water“.

Healthy blood cells on a monitor

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