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Sound Healing and Frequency Therapy


8th May  5pm. & 6:30pm.

Allow yourself to experience the healing sound vibrations together with frequencies from NEO. The session will penetrate deeply into your cells bringing new order, new balance, and new life energy.

Christine Heckel is a certified Sound Relaxation Coach (SHB)
Amongst other therapies and techniques she offers sound relaxation using special singing bowls and gongs. Both instruments produce sounds rich in overtones (harmonics), which are considered to produce healing sound vibrations which affect the human being in a holistic way – body, mind and spirit.

We take in these sound vibrations via our auditive and also vibrotactile sense. Since our body consists up to 70 – 80% of water, the sound vibration is carried to every cell of our physical body creating a restructuring of the cells, which is always considered to be the most healthy and most natural structure of the water molecules in the body liberating and releasing tensions, blockages and pain, allowing inner balance and wellbeing, bringing new flow of life energy, and much more.

This video is from our previous Event in March. 

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Christine is giving the participants an introduction to what they are going to experience.

During our shared event Christine will use 12-metal Sangha meditation singing bowls, which have an incredibly long-lasting and pure sound, resonating with every cell of your being supporting a holistic wellbeing. Sangha in Sanskrit means community of meditating. She will also use a small Fen Gong.

Allow yourself to experience the healing sound vibrations of these instruments while they penetrate deeply into your cells bringing new order, new balance and new life energy.



Centro Idea, Centro comercial Centro Idea, Carr. de Mijas, km 3, 6, 29650 Mijas

First two sessions are free

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