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Frequently asked questions about NEO therapy.

NEO (Natural Energy Optimization) is what we call our 44 minute relaxing sessions in the room with the naturally high frequencies of the water machine. The company behind has developed technology and systems which harness water’s natural ability to carry and transmit energy. The NEO machine creates a frequency which may enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and restore.

At the heart of the NEO concept is structured water; water that has been restored to its natural state. The technology is based on the internationally recognized work of researchers Dr. Bruce Lipton and Nikola Tesla in relation to energy and cells; Victor Shauberger and Gerrard Pollack PhD’s knowledge of structured water and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier’s work with water’s ‘memory’. AdditWater has progressed this work further and developed technology and systems which harness water’s natural ability to carry and transmit energy.

Water is a living force. It carries energy. The way it is treated and processed will impact how beneficial it is for consumption. Naturally running water has a strong, 6-sided molecular structure, that is easily absorbed into the body’s cells. The human body consists of approximately 60-70% water. Structured water is full of energy and replenishes energy when consumed. Unfortunately, most water is exposed to unnatural environments, such as, water treatment plants (and possibly added chemicals), long straight water pipes, or plastic bottles. However, the water still retains its potential to have energy. AdditWater captures this by activating, revitalizing and restructuring water.

FAQ Sessions

Frequently asked questions about the NEO sessions.

A NEO (Natural Energy Optimization) session is a relaxing 44-minute session in a comfortable environment with the energy-rich NEO machine. We have created a professional and relaxing, spa-like environment to aid our clients in the relaxation process. Clients are encouraged to sit or recline comfortably and relax. We ask that phones be put in flights mode. The NEO machine uses a technology to create a very high frequency. The gentle, non-invasive session with the high frequency NEO machine may activate and optimize the cells in your body in natural way.

Structured, energy-rich water is complimentary during sessions. Drinking structured water plays a vital role in the NEO room experience.

Pregnant women should NOT use NEO. Please check with a staff member before booking a NEO Session for a child. People with Diabetes, specially type 1, may experience a drop in blood sugar levels. If you have type 1 Diabetes, please bring food to the session as a precaution. People with a mental health issue or history will require more careful observation.

Disclaimer: The information given on this website and on all NEO Studio Mijas printed materials is for information purposes only. NEO Studio Mijas does not recommend the NEO sessions or any of our products or services as any form of treatment for any illness or disease without direction from your health care professional.

We have different types of sessions – please check when you book. Our longest session is 44 minutes long.

You are always welcome to contact us on email or phone/WhatsApp to enquire if we have availability.

We ask that you come 5-10 minutes before the start of the session so you have time to drink a glass of structured water. This is crucial for the session to work as optimally as possible. As relaxation is part of the NEO session, we do not allow late arrivals as this disturbs the others.

NOTE: If you have booked a private NEO session we hold the room for 15 minutes.

If you arrive 10-15 minutes before and if there is available space you are welcome to join. Note that we require payment and registration before every session, so allow enough time for this. We can have a maximum of 6 participants per session. 

Everyone reacts differently after a session. Some immediately feel more relaxed, whilst some feel more energised. It is also not uncommon to experience a temporary worsening of symptoms – this is only temporary and is because NEO has quick-started the healing process.

It is also not uncommon to feel more tired afterwards, or experience a slight headache or tingling sensations. All these symptoms are temporary and is because your body has begun the healing process. You are always welcome to contact us after a session if you have any questions.

If you cancel more than 24 hours before the start of the session you will receive a full refund. Later than that and up until 1 hour before the session start is 50% refund. 

We do not refund “no shows”. 

We are the only treatment studio in Spain, however, there are more than 10 different locations in Denmark, as well as 2 locations in the US. 

First two sessions are free

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