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The key behind NEO

At the heart of the NEO concept is structured water; water that has been restored to its natural state. AdditNature’s technology is based on the internationally recognized work of researchers Dr. Bruce Lipton and Nikola Tesla in relation to energy and cells; Victor Shauberger and Gerrard Pollack PhD’s knowledge of structured water and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier’s work with water’s ‘memory’. AdditNature has progressed this work further and developed technology and systems which harness water’s natural ability to carry and transmit energy.

What Is Naturally Structured Water

Water can be structured or unstructured. Structured water is more energy-filled and adds more energy to living creatures and plants. 

Unstructured water, on the other hand, has less energy and is therefore energy intensive when consumed. 

Man consists of approx. 70% water (of which 99% are water molecules). It is therefore important that the water we consume is structured and more energy-filled. Unfortunately, the water we receive today is unstructured and therefore less energetic.

Water Vortex

Water In Its Natural Surroundings

Water is, by nature, most often structured. In the free flow of water in nature, we can observe that water twists and bends, forming vortexes. In streams, water moves in layers at different speeds. The free flow of water, that is, water in motion, are central elements for the structural quality of the water. 

When photographing water molecules (researched by Dr. Masaru Emoto), it can be observed which molecular structure the water has under different conditions. For example, water molecules from a stream of untouched nature have a high concentration of harmonic hexagonal water molecules, i.e. structured water with a higher energy level. This natural water would be ideal as utility water, but it is not possible to access it without energy loss.

River with small waterfall

Industrialisation Has an Effect on the Energy
Level of the Water

The water in our taps does not come from natural springs and streams. It is mostly pumped up from the subsoil and transported under pressure over long distances in straight pipes until it reaches us, the consumers.

Along the way, the water uses part of its stored energy to handle the unharmonised and unnatural conditions to which it is exposed, such as chemicals, pressure, pipes, and unnatural feed ways. The water molecules eventually lose their natural structure, and are therefore no longer energy-enriching. It is the human intervention in the cycle of nature and water that weakens the energy level of water.

Water, just like us, can be drained of energy when exposed to conditions directly against our nature.

Structured energy-rich & healthy water

Is Industrialised Water Unhealthy?

Industrialised water is not unhealthy – it’s just not as healthy as it once was. The water is usually clean and tastes good, but it is without the necessary energy, which is due to the unnatural conditions and content that the water is exposed to on its transport from the source to the tap.

To re-energise, i.e. restructure your water, and get all the added benefits of naturally structured water in your daily life, check out our products from AdditNature or visit us in our shop.

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