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Read how NEO has helped our clients

Watch our video testimonials to see how NEO has helped previous clients.

Video Testimonials

Kristine is a hairdresser and often suffers from pain in her shoulders and head.

Anne is a sports girl! She uses NEO to recover after a long bike ride.


NEO helped Lars with his nerve pain from diabtes and improved his sleep. 

Tom was diagnosed with lymphoma and started chemotherapy. Already after the first meeting with NEO, Tom felt that his side effects from the chemo were minimal. Tom got through the leg operation and is today declared cancer-free.

NEO helped Anders with his tinnitus and arthritis. 

NEO also helped Sonja with her breathing problems and increased her lung capacity.

Chanelle and Mette relate to how NEO also helps to develop them on a personal and mentally level.




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"I have been using NEO twice a week for 10 weeks. Pollen allergy has been reduced 80-90%. I have experienced faster restitution after hard physical training when running and biking. My energy levels have at times been extremely high. I feel more in balance during my everyday life."​

Steen Tinning​
Professional Golfer
"Love love love this place! Really feeling the help mentally from the cellular water treatment, as well as getting a lot better results with my blood sugar levels as I am diabetic. Thanks so much for bringing this to Spain."

Lauren T.
"I have received 6 treatments, but already after the first treatment 50% of my Tinnitus disappeared ........ the last 50% were more difficult, but now 80 - 90% of my tinnitus is gone and I have better vision. The NEO treatment is highly recommended. The surroundings and staff are also tip top."

Erik S.
"I have received 6 treatments and get both more energy
and less pain in muscles and joints"

Judith L.
"I have known about the healing properties of structured water for a while and was very curious about this treatment. I had 2 NEO sessions two days apart and have to say that I felt great after both sessions, lighter, more energy and centered. It wasnt a good week for me personally as was feeling very stressed but I almost imidiatelly felt the effects of the Therapy. I´ll be back again! Thank you :)"

Coral G. T.

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